Use the obvious alternative

Our slogan is "use the obvious alternative". If you would like to have a good Guinnes or a really good and tasty fish and chip you would not come to Sweden to get it right?

So if your company is in need of Scandinavian labour, what should be you obvious alternative?

Recruitment companies in London, Dublin or Berlin? Or a company in Scandinavian?

Use the obvious alternative.
Relax Recruitment Group

Relax Recruitment is a young dynamic recruitment company. Founded in 2004 we are now one of Sweden's fastest growing multilingual recruitment companies. During this time Relax Recruitment has quickly built up a reputation for high quality, motivated and reliable personnel and for being a quick "problem solver".

We specialize in recruitments and relocating candidate's with language skills, supplying companies with qualified candidates from all the Nordic countries. Our native knowledge of Nordic people combined with our own working experiences from abroad, offers your company a solid platform for a safe and reliable success in recruiting Scandinavian labour.

We work with everything from short time contracts and temporary solutions to recruitments and outsourcing. We have vast experience in working on large volume accounts and fulfilling our client's requirements in the quickest timeframe possible

At the moment we work companies in Ireland, Spain, the Netherlands and the UK who uses our services whenever they are in need to recruit Scandinavian labour. We offer our services to other recruitment agency's as well as multinational companies and small business.

Relax Recruitment provides a range of personnel for permanent and temporary positions including:

  • Customer Service
  • Technical support
  • Telesales and telemarketing
  • Market Research
  • Management
  • Office Administration
  • Accountancy
  • Bar and Restaurant
  • Hotel
  • Construction

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